NHL Winter Classic

Innovating experiences for an iconic brand and its fans

Brand Transformation & Experiential

The NHL has been a cultural mainstay for more than a century. Still, the public perception of hockey never quite achieved that of the NFL, NBA, or MLB.

Tapped to reimagine the fan experience and ignite a broader fan base, we developed the Winter Classic, an outdoor stadium event with a return to the games’ roots of “boys on a lake”. Shining a spotlight on the incredible athleticism, drama, and beauty of the sport, this premier annual event ushered in a new era for the league.

From there, we revamped the digital expression and expansion of fan engagement, creating a vibrant digital destination and hub for fans across the country.

Like boys skating on a lake…a return to the game’s roots.”

NHL Winter Classic

Brand Experience

Created and launched innovative, content-based digital experiences to engage and delight hockey fans across markets and around the world.

Editorial NHL Winter Classic


Moved the NHL from a legacy sports operation leaving the storytelling to the local papers to an always-on digitally-powered publishing operation. With a fresh editorial approach and a unified digital ecosystem, audiences grew along with their engagement with the league and its franchises.

Editorial NHL Winter Classic